Lesson Learned from Gamescom 2019: How to do an Effective Meeting during International Game Events

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Through this article, some of the developers will share their experience when attending Gamescom 2019, as well as some tips on how to do the business meetings in Europe’s biggest game event.

Last August, 10 Indonesian game companies had a chance to exhibit their works in Gamescom 2019 Cologne, Germany. Those developers exhibited their works under the Indonesian pavilion, thanks to the Archipelageek program from Badan Ekonomi Kreatif Indonesia (BEKRAF) and Asosiasi Game Indonesia (AGI).

Gamescom 2019 was the second event for the Archipelageek program. Before Gamescom 2019, in the last March, 11 game companies also had a chance to exhibit their works and do business meetings in Game Connection America 2019 in San Francisco, USA.

Through this article, some of the developers will share their experience when attending Gamescom 2019, as well as some tips on how to do business meetings in Europe’s biggest game event.

A priceless experience

gamescom 2019 game events

For some companies, Gamescom 2019 was not their first international event. Megaxus, for example, was also one of Archipelageek’s participants in Game Connection America 2019. “Gamescom 2019 was a new and interesting experience for us,” said Felix Darmoko, Overseas Business Development Manager of Megaxus Infotech. “From the publishing side, in Gamescom 2019, we’ve met many European game developers that have unique concepts, so it opened a chance for us to deliver different games both for Indonesia and Southeast Asia market.”

“As a publisher, we also saw so many foreign developers who are interested to launch their games in Indonesia but hadn’t known the market characteristic, so they need us as their local developer in Indonesia,” he explained further.

Gamescom 2019 also opened a new opportunity for Komodoz, one of the participants who were focused on B2B projects. “In Gamescom 2019, we saw that the opportunity to do the IP co-development and publishing deals are bigger than outsourcing services’ opportunity,” said Ramadona Samita, the Creative Director of Komodoz.

gamescom 2019 game events

Different from the other two, Ozysoft had its first taste of an international event in Gamescom 2019. They brought their first flagship project, Pulang: Insanity that was targeted to be released on PC and the console. “We’ve learned that Indonesian companies have a big potential to do the digital export and create a world-class product,” said Lisun Chang, the Managing Director of Ozysoft. “When we targeted to reach the global market, we should learn how to build a world-class company, such as in professional working culture, on-time follow-up, and etc.

When having to present in the Gamescom 2019 sharing session in Bandung, Director of ICT Infrastructure of BEKRAF Neil El Himam also noted an important thing when a company participated in a big event. “We participate in the event to build the client’s trust,” he said. “Although we live in the digital era and communicate with everyone online easily, the participation in some big events such as Gamescom and GCA are important to build the international’s trust,” he continued.

gamescom 2019 game events

Gamescom 2019 sharing session

Presenting in the same event with Neil El Himam, Oray Studios and Plexus CEO Iqbal Aribaskara also shared the trend in Gamescom 2019. “The trend in Gamescom is story-based games for PC. There are a lot of European publishers searching for that kind of game,” he shared.

At least 10 meetings a day

gamescom 2019 game events

To open the opportunity as big as possible, surely they did some business meetings and met a lot of people in Gamescom 2019. Both Megaxus, Komodoz, and Ozysoft had done at least 10 meetings a day.

“We’ve done about 70 meetings in 3 days, and around 20% of them are very potential for us,” said Felix. “We’ve done about 40 meetings with high potential deal for us. Some of them have sent an email to us before the event, so we just followed up to them in the event,” said Lisun.

“For us, we’ve done about 30 meetings, with 30% of them are potential for our business,” said Ramadona.

gamescom 2019 game events

Anggia Lestari, the CEO of MassHive Media who presented in the Gamescom 2019 sharing session in Bandung also shared her experienced when doing business meetings. “Some of the publishers want to know us personally first, then they will ask us about our games,” she explained.

I had a chance to cover their activities on-site and found that Indonesian game companies were visited by big companies such as Ubisoft, Platinum Games, 505 Games, and more. Hopefully, some of them can collaborate with Indonesian companies in the future, and help them to reach the global market.

A lot of opportunities for the future

gamescom 2019 game events

The works are not over yet. The participants agreed that their biggest to-do list now is to follow-up on the meetings. “We will explore all of the potential deals, no matter how small it is,” said Felix. “We hope that we can finalize the deal and also seek the opportunity to fund our projects because we got some funding offer from some publishers,” said Lisun.

Some of the participants also said that they’d discovered a new opportunity, not only with international companies but also with other Indonesian companies. “Now, we’re started to do collaborations with other Indonesian companies to reach the global market. We also aim to create a new global product and hopefully, bring it on Gamescom 2020 next year,” said Ramadona.

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More than 400 meetings with US$12 Million worth potential deals happened in Archipelageek's Indonesia Pavilion Gamescom 2019.

Tips on how to do effective business meetings in the game events

gamescom 2019 game events

The developers also shared tips on how to do effective business meetings, especially when you participate in a big game event with hundreds of thousand participants such as Gamescom 2019.

  1. Maximize the meeting application. Before you fly to the event, you should make appointments as many as possible with the potential clients. In Gamescom, there is an application called MeetToMatch to make the appointments. You should fill in your company profile and meeting objective clearly to higher the chance your request accepted by your potential partners.
  2. Get to know your game first and then try to search for potential partners who you think are interested in your game. Don’t forget to search their information as much as possible before you meet them.
  3. When in meetings, prepare your short company profile, both in physical version (brochure) or digital version (PowerPoint/slideshow).
  4. Write down all of the points of the discussion. This will make your job easier when you follow up with the meetings after the event ends.
  5. Don’t forget to attach your portfolio. You can explain much about your game in the meeting application (attach the trailers, demo or screenshots) and bring them along when you do the meetings.
  6. Relax and open your mind for the possibilities of unexpected business meetings that you don’t prepare it before

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