Supported by Indonesian Government, HAGO & VLIGHT Launch a Game Development Competition

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

The winner will not only get featured in the HAGO application but also bring home some prize money!

To find new talents in Indonesia’s game development scene, top social game application HAGO and its parent company VLIGHT launched a game development competition in Indonesia. The competition is supported by the Ministry of Communication and Information (KOMINFO) of Indonesia, Indonesia Tourism and Creative Economy Agency (BAPAREKRAF) and Indonesia Game Association (AGI).

The competition called Jawara Game Indonesia and was open for submission on 20 November 2019. The participants are competing to not only get featured in HAGO application with other 40 favorite games but also grab IDR135 million (around US$10,000) total cash prize.

“HAGO launched a game development competition to push local talents to participate and become a medium to show off their skills,” said Qiu Bin, HAGO’s General Manager as stated in the official press release. “Not only feeling great while playing games, but we also hope, with this competition, we can leverage Indonesia’s young generation’s interest to be a game developer and contribute to the creative economy,” he continued.

hago game development competition

“We really appreciate the opportunity from HAGO in this game development competition,” said Hari Santosa Sungkari, Infrastructure Deputy of Indonesia Tourism and Creative Economy Agency. “Game is one of the sub-sectors in the creative economy. We hope that through this competition, more Indonesian-owned IP games will be produced and can collaborate with HAGO,” he continued.

“We support HAGO to hold this competition because it’s important and we believe that the game developers need this,” said Luat Sihombing, Deputy Director of Digital Economy Ecosystem Development, Directorate of Digital Economy at MCIT. “Indonesian game developers need a way to interact directly with customers. Hopefully, this competition can leverage the developers’ skills also. We’re happy there is someone who started this, and we hope there will be more opportunities like this to come in the future,” he stated.

Everyone can participate in this competition, whether they are high-schoolers, college students, indie game developers, or simply a hobbyist. There’s one thing for sure: this competition is exclusively for Indonesians. Also, you can only use one of these tools to build your game for this competition: HTML5, such as Cocos Creator, Laya, Egret, BabylonJS, Phaser, pixiJS, ThreeJS, PlayCanvas, and melonJS.

Other rules that your game should follow are 1) your game should be original, 2) it can’t violate the law or any subject of law, and 3) it can’t contain any sensitive and political contents. The judging session will use scoring based on gameplay, art, and design. Also, there will be an additional point for creative and unique games.

“AGI is fully supporting this game development competition by HAGO,” said Adam Ardisasmita, the Vice President of AGI. “This competition is very useful to produce new talents and develop Indonesia’s game industry. Now, we have around 35 game studios and publishers as our members, and they have good potentials. We really appreciate that HAGO gives a huge opportunity to local talents to show what they can do,” he continued.

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To participate in this competition, simply send your game to jawaragamehago@yy.com with subject Submission – game type – game title – developer’s name. The submission will be open until 12 December 2019, and the winner will be announced on 18 December 2019.

You can get more info about this competition through HAGO social media or visit the official website.

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