IGDX 2019: A New Milestone for Indonesia’s Game Industry

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

The event aims to become a home for Indonesian game developers to learn, share and connect each other every year.

Last weekend, 16 November 2019, a new history was born. Indonesia Game Association (Asosiasi Game Indonesia or AGI) held its first edition of Indonesia Game Developer eXchange (IGDX) 2019 in Bina Nusantara University, Bandung. The event itself was likely a reincarnation of Game Developers Gathering (GDG) that the last one was held in 2015.

The IGDX 2019 is a unique event. It happens because of the collaboration between some Indonesia game company’s CEO from several cities such as Arsanesia, GameChanger Studio, MassHive Media, Mojiken Studio, Toge Productions and many more. They have planned and prepared the event seven months ago.

igdx 2019

AGI has a plan to make IGDX one of its annual events. IGDX is an event where the Indonesian developers can level up their skills, meet each other, share knowledge, and expand their networks for future collaborations. As stated in the official Press Release, about 300 tickets had been sold out several days before the event was held.

“It’s a must for the government to hold and support the program like this IGDX 2019,” said Luat Sihombing, the Deputy Director of Digital Economy Ecosystem Development, Directorate of Digital Economy at MCIT, one of the supporters of IGDX 2019 as stated in the official press release.

“When the government is preparing the infrastructure access, at the same time we certainly need the presence of the local game developer who can provide products that are liked and played by the Indonesian market. Hopefully, this event can be an annual event that can be a bridge for game developers with the cross-sector industry such as education, movie, and many more. We will push the local game developers to have a strong skill in Business to Business,” he stated.

IGDX 2019

IGDX is a starting point to build the game talents,” said Hari Santosa Sungkari, Infrastructure Deputy of Indonesia Tourism and Creative Economy Agency. “Hopefully, the result will give positive input to every stakeholder, especially in vocational and formal education to create new game developer talents,” he continued.

“We create IGDX to fulfill the empty learning medium for middle-class Indonesian game developers who want to level up their skill to compete in the global market,” said Cipto Adiguno, the President of AGI. “All this time, Indonesian game developers should spend a lot of money to get the knowledge and expand their network by attending international B2B and conference events such as Game Developer Conference in San Fransisco, US. We hope that IGDX can help them to get a similar experience without spending a lot of money,” he stated.

Seminar and interactive discussion in Super Conference

igdx 2019

There were two different formats in IGDX 2019. The first format was Super Conference, where the local and international speakers shared their experience and knowledge to around 200 audiences. The Super Conference covered a diverse aspect of the game industry ranging from post mortem, a panel discussion about the industry’s trend to the tips and trick about game development.

Some international speakers who shared their knowledge and experience in Super Conference are Gilbran Imami (Koei Tecmo, Japan), Justin Ng (Ubisoft, Singapore), Iain Garner (Another Indie, Taiwan) dan Philip Schafer (Zeppelin Studio, Germany). They completed the lineup of Indonesian senior game developers such as Steve Lie (Game5Mobile), Rahmad Imron (Digital Happiness), Imansyah Lubis (BumiLangit Studio) and Andi Taru (Educa Studio).

Intensive workshop all day long in Super Class

IGDX 2019

The second format was the Super Class. The Super Class was an exclusive and intimate semi-workshop learning course limited to a maximum of 20 audiences in each class. There were three different classes held from 9 AM to 6 PM in parallel: Game Design/Production, Programming, and Visual Arts.

Because it was run in only one day, every participant could choose only one class to attend. Each class consisted of three sessions, with two hour-long for each session. There were some international speakers who also shared their knowledge in Super Class, ranging from P’ng Yi Wei (Kurechii, Malaysia), Desmond Wong (The Gentlebros, Singapore), to Chris Murphy (Epic Games, Australia).

Play the Indonesian-made games

IGDX 2019

IGDX 2019 also gave a chance for Indonesian developers who wanted to showcase their latest work. There were around 12 developers who showcased their games such as Lentera Nusantara Studio with its Ghost Parade, and also Freemergency and Klappanome who previously brought home awards from SEA Game Awards 2019.

They were not only showcasing their products. They also had a chance to gain more feedback from the attendees to make their games better. Some of them also got a chance to talk to the international guests to discuss future collaboration, whether it’s for co-developing or publishing.

“Home” for Indonesian game developers

IGDX 2019

“The game industry is a developing industry and has a bright prospect in the future,” said Dr. Johan Muliadi Kerta, S.Kom.,M.M, Vice Rector – Academic, Research and Student Development of Bina Nusantara Bandung. “Hopefully this event will create more new talents who have idea and innovation to accelerate Indonesia’s game industry,” he said.

Indonesia Game Association Will Hold a Game Developer Conference Called IGDX This November

AGI will hold an annual game developer conference called Indonesia Game Developer eXchange (IGDX) 2019 this November in Bandung.

“Hopefully, IGDX can be a stimulus to develop Indonesia’s game development talents, a platform for them to meet and connect each other, and a place to seek for a new business opportunity,” said Adam Ardisasmita, the Head Committee of IGDX 2019. “As a movement that started from a grass root initiative, IGDX has a dream to become a home for the Indonesian game developers,” he continued.

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