PQube Sets to Release Daughter Raising Simulator Ciel Fledge on February 2020

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

The game developed by Studio Namaapa and will come both on PC and Nintendo Switch

A UK-based game publisher, PQube dropped a big announcement yesterday. The company confirmed that it will release Ciel Fledge, a daughter raising simulator developed by Indonesian indie game studio, Studio Namaapa on 21 February 2020.

The announcement came from the Ciel Fledge‘s official Steam page. On that page, PQube mentioned that it will also release the game in Nintendo Switch along with the Steam version.

On that announcement, PQube and Studio Namaapa express their apologies because the game got a slight delay from the initial plan. “As you might remember, when we originally announced Ciel Fledge we mentioned it would be coming to Steam in Autumn/Fall of this year,” said Gareth Bagg from PQube.

“We haven’t forgot that (how could we?), but as much as we would love to see the game launch as soon as possible, for a number of reasons we felt it was best to release the game at the start of next year. Sorry about that – we absolutely promise it will be worth the wait, and we hope you’ll try the game out when it does launch,” he continued.

ciel fledge

Not only that, PQube and Studio Namaapa also announced that the title got a little enhancement. Rather than called Ciel Fledge only, now the game has a longer title, Ciel Fledge: A Daughter Rising Simulator.

PQube is not a new name in the Indonesian game industry. Last year, they also collaborated with Agate to release Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story. The game got a big success, which its sales can reach its break-even point in less than three months.

Started from a Kickstarter campaign

ciel fledge

Ciel Fledge is one of the Indonesian games that started its journey from a Kickstarter campaign and successfully reach its goals. It is a simulation game where your goal is to raise an adopted daughter for years to come. During those years, she will grow into an adult, under your care and guidance.

When we tried the first demo back in 2018, we can say that the game was quite unique and looked promising. You can choose the path of your daughter. Every move she makes will be according to your schedule. What she wants to be in the future is also in your hands. But be careful to not putting a strict schedule. You also do not want to put a loose schedule as there is a vast world to explore!

Ciel Fledge Alpha Review: Unique Sim Game from Indonesia That Can Still Be Polished

There are a lot of Simulation game out on the market, but none was as cute and unique as Ciel Fledge. Our team took time to play the alpha demo for a few hours. Gameprime present to you: Ciel Fledge Alpha review.

You can start wishlist the game from now through its official Steam page.




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