Top 40 Indie Games Curated for BAPAREKRAF Game Prime 2021 Online! Congratulations!

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

These top 40 games will be featured on Game Prime official site and also got a chance to be included in other AGI’s initiatives.

Congratulations to all selected studios!

The indie game submission which started from the end of June – July, 13th 2021 has ended. Here are the top curated games of the indie game submission:

1. Rising Hell (Tahoe Games)

2. When the Past was Around (Mojiken Studio)

3. Rocky Rampage (Joyseed Gametribe)

4. Epic Conquest 2 (Gaco Games)

5. Escape from Naraka (Xelo Games)

6. SAMUDRA (Khayalan Arts)

7. Coffee Talk (Toge Productions)

8. StellaGale: The Trials of Faith (Extra Life Entertainment)

9. Rage in Peace (Rolling Glory Jam)

10. Rendezvous (Pendopo Studio)

11. Pulang Insanity: Director’s Cut (Ozysoft Studi0)

12. Summer Town (Arsanesia)

13. Who is He: Let Me Out (4Happy Studio)

14. My Lovely Daughter (GameChanger Studio)

15. Knight vs Giant (Gambir Studio)

16. Ngopi, Yuk (UNIQX Game Studio)

17. Kirana: Raga Sukma (Kawarna Studio)

18. EDDA Cafe Visual Novel (Mushroomallow Studio)

19. Bos Cupang (Bingo Game Studio)

20. Fractals of Destiny (Krakatoa Studio)

21. MagiCat (Kucing Rembes)

22. Tales of Phi: Math Land Grand Battle (Seraph Game Studio)

23. Babol The Walking Box (Gamecom Team)

24. Cooking Chef Story Food Park (Niji Games)

25. What Comes After (Fahmitsu)

26. Tanasurga (Rainman Studios)

27. Ghost Parade (Lentera Nusantara)

28. Crazy Delivery Rumble (Satriver Studio)

29. Misguided: Never Back Home (JEVO Games)

30. Fractured Core (Engram Interactive)

31. Adventure of Hanacaraka (uniXcorp)

32. NERD Fight Game (Melon gaming)

33. Wangan Dorifto (Rigged Box Softworks)

34. Knight of Dice (GINVO Studio)

35. Matchmaker Love and Roguelike (MelonCat)

36. Menggapai Matahari (Eternal Dream Studio)

37. Legend of Crystal (GingerSun Games)

38. GamelanKu (Trimatra Studio)

39. Wobbly Bear (Sirolin.lab)

40. Math Puzzle (Mainno)

Those top 40 studios listed above will have a chance to be featured on Game Prime’s official website, GGWP.ID’s website and social media as benefits. Then, some of the released PC games also got a chance to get featured in local game incentive that initiated by Kemenparekraf, AGI and top eCommerce in Indonesia. 

Later, 10 selected games will be reviewed in a live stream by influencers on their own channel. Furthermore, the judges will pick the best 3 games from the list above to receive prize money as follows:

  • 1st Place = Rp 5.000.000
  • 2nd Place = Rp 3.000.000
  • 3rd Place = Rp 2.000.000

Congratulations again for all!




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Febrianto is the Senior Editor of Duniaku.net and the Lead Editor of Gameprime.org. He started his career in game industry as a game journalist since 2008, and was one of the initial members of Duniaku.net since 2011. His biggest interest is local game developer scene. Currently, his mission is to spread the news about Indonesia’s game industry to both local and international game and creative industry’s enthusiast.