Fortnite mobile revenue increasing rapidly although It hasn't even been launched in Google Play Store.
Ciel Fledge

Studio Namaapa gathered a total of US$3,490 from 143 backers with few days to go. Congratulations!

One thing for sure is that the game is not fully optimized yet. Read our review here.

This facility built in Malaysia and already began its operation this April.

Better selling than Harry Potter or Star Wars? Yes

If you like the Monument Valley's atmosphere, we're quite sure that you will also love Umiro.

Tencent introduces social credit score system to fight against cheaters. Although the system is only available in China, we expect to go live globally. 

Seriously developers, don't ever try this way for your campaign.
Top Indonesian Game Media Featured

There is one old name that reclaimed its spot in top 10. What is it?

Remember when Clash of Clans became popular and a thousand of other clone games were appearing? Well, this might be the same case with PUBG.
Benefits of Video Games

Surprisingly enough, video games can make you more active and more communicative.

Indonesia's first cryptocurrency game. Curious to know what it's like?