Google Play Instant

Does this feature make Google Play Store one step ahead of iOS App Store?

What do you think? What games should be included in Olympic Games?

A Surabaya-based studio ArtLogic Games recently released a mobile tactical RPG called Heroes Castle. What's this game about?

Epic has released these free assets for Unreal Engine users. Will someone revive Paragon in the future?

This will make the developer's task much easier, especially if they want to make a location-based AR game like Ingress or Pokemon GO

The Switch is getting bigger and bigger in terms of revenue.

The hero system and village management make this game more addictive than others sliding block puzzle games.
New Rules for In-Game Purchase

How will the new rule imply? Will it also imply for old games?

Three Indonesian-made games are going to participate in 2018's Indie MegaBooth PAX East held in Boston. And also there are some games from Southeast Asia too.

Congratulations to Batara Riasta and Lucky Ma'arif who successfully got the runner-up and third place, respectively, in the tournament!

When we mean perfect combination, we really mean it. Read our review here.

Will Barcelona be able to see glory in the eSport scene?

BEKRAF and AGI believe that Game Connection America (GCA) 2018 will give a bigger impact and benefit for the Indonesian game ecosystem.